Center Plate and Table Parts

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Part # OEM # Description Fits Models:
B179 3375-0293 Center Plate Stud X X X X X X
B181 Center Plate Stud (Older Style) X X
B175 2375-0139 Center Plate Plunger X X X X
B141 3375-0031" Center Plate Knob X X X X X X
B143 2275-0064 Retaining Ring X X X X X X
B180 3275-0030 Center Plate Stud Shim Set (12/pkg) X X X X X X
B124 3875-0029 Knife Scraper & Screws X X
B142 4575-0099 Mounting Angle Assembly X X X X
B127 Knife Scraper & Deflector Assembly X X
B125 3875-0057 Knife Scraper X X
B119 4575-0117 Shoe Post & Stud X X X
B536 3875-0026 Automatic Lever Handle X X X X
B126 4575-0281 Juice Scraper X X X
B129 2175-0221 Knob & Bolt Sub-Assembly X X
B535 Threaded Stud X X X X
B122 3275-0059 Spring Hook - Large X X X X X X X
B269 4975-0025 Foot Extender X X X X
B503 Rubber Foot - Black (fits 823, 825, 827, 827A)
B121 3275-0060 Spring Hook - Small X X X X X X X
B123 3275-0061 Carriage Extension Spring X X X X X X X
B148 4575-0208 Shoe Post @amp; Stud X X X
B120 3675-0061 Shoe X X X X X X X X
B118 A3000-1 Support Foot X X